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We empower the next generation of technologists with comprehensive courses and hands-on labs, providing the essential skills and knowledge to succeed in today's IT landscape.

Vatsal Thakor

Founder - Linux Rabbit

About Linux Rabbit Acdemy

Linux Rabbit Academy was founded by Vatsal Thakor with a vision to bridge the significant gap between academic education and the dynamic requirements of the tech industry.

 Our academy is dedicated to transforming technology education by aligning it closely with real-world demands, ensuring that students not only learn but also apply their knowledge effectively in professional settings.

Collaboration with Colleges and Universities

Linux Rabbit Academy is open to partnerships with colleges and universities across the globe. This initiative is specifically designed to help educational institutions provide their students with high-quality, industry-relevant education at a very nominal price.


By integrating with our programs, educational institution scan enhance their curriculum and offer their students a competitive edge in the job market. Together, we

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Our Vision

To redefine technology education, making it more practical, accessible, and aligned with industry needs, thereby empowering students to innovate and excel in their professional careers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver highquality, industry-focused education that bridges the gap between academic theories and real-world applications, ensuring every student is job-ready and equipped to contribute effectively in their chosen

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to cover the most critical and cutting-edge areas of technology today. Each program is crafted to propel you from foundational knowledge to advanced skills, preparing you for a successful career in technology











Why Choose Linux Rabbit Academy?

Join us at Linux Rabbit Academy and be part of a revolution in technology education. Explore our programs and find out how we can help you achieve your dreams in the tech world. Let’s innovate, learn, and lead together!

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