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Introduction to Containers – BootCamp

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Containers have revolutionized the way applications are developed, deployed, and managed, offering unmatched efficiency,
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Course Overview:

Welcome to the “Introduction to Containers – Boot Camp.” This course is your gateway to understanding the transformative world of containers. Containers have revolutionized the way applications are developed, deployed, and managed, offering unmatched efficiency,

Course Details:

In this boot camp, you will dive into the realm of containers, gaining an in-depth understanding of their significance in modern software development and deployment. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • What are containers and how do they function within the technological landscape?
  • The art of creating and executing Docker containers.
  • Deploying containers on Kubernetes, a powerful orchestration platform.
  • Effective strategies for managing and scaling applications encapsulated in containers.



  • Computer with internet access for online engagement.
  • Recommended specifications for running Docker smoothly.


  • Docker installed on participants’ systems.
  • Web browsers for accessing online resources.


To fully engage in this course, you’ll need access to a computer with an internet connection. You’ll be working with Docker, so it’s advisable to have Docker installed on your system. Additionally, as you progress, you may explore Kubernetes and OpenShift, so familiarity with these platforms is a plus but not required.

Join us in this exciting journey into the world of containers, and unlock the potential to revolutionise your approach to application development and deployment. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned IT professional, this Introduction to Containers – Boot Camp will equip you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the containerized world.

What I will learn?

  • Docker Introduction: You'll gain a solid foundation in Docker, the leading containerization platform, understanding its core concepts and practical applications.
  • Introduction to Containers: Learn the basics of container technology and how it is transforming the IT industry.
  • Overview of Docker: Explore Docker's features, functionalities, and advantages for containerization.
  • Introduction to Containers with Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift: Discover how containers integrate with Kubernetes and OpenShift, powerful tools for container orchestration.


  • There are no specific prerequisites for this course. However, having a general understanding of software development and IT concepts can be beneficial. A passion for learning and an open mind are the most important prerequisites!

Target Audience

  • Beginners: If you're new to container technology, this boot camp is your ideal starting point.
  • IT Enthusiasts: Experienced IT professionals looking to expand their knowledge of containers and their applications.
  • Developers: Those interested in deploying applications efficiently using containers.
  • System Administrators: Individuals responsible for managing and maintaining containerized environments.
  • DevOps Engineers: Professionals seeking to enhance their containerization skills for effective application management.

Course Curriculum

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Material Includes

  • Comprehensive slides covering container fundamentals, Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift.
  • Key concepts, visuals, and practical examples for a well-rounded understanding.
  • Step-by-step exercises for Docker container creation and Kubernetes deployment.
  • Practical sessions for hands-on experience in managing containers.
  • Certificate of completion for successful participants, recognizing containerization skills.
  • Supplementary materials include videos, case studies, quizzes, and forums for interactive learning and staying updated on container trends.

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